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WAVES Submarine

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Add bigger, deeper sub bass to your tracks, with unprecedented clarity and low-end accuracy. Powered by Waves’ Organic ReSynthesis technology, Submarine’s two subharmonic generators deliver well-balanced subsonic results on any large sound system.

Sub frequencies are the backbone of modern music production. To really feel the music, you need beats, basslines and entire mixes to hit hard below the subsonic belt. Yet, many producers struggle to craft massive sub bass content that remains crystal-clear on large sound systems, without muddiness, artifacts or excess rumble.

- Subharmonic generation plugin powered by Organic ReSynthesis technology
- Two subharmonic generators (Sub -1 and Sub -2) add subs ONE and TWO full octaves below the selected frequency range of your source
- High-precision frequency range slider (20–240 Hz) to target precise frequencies
- Drive saturation control to easily glue the added subs into the mix
- Dynamics control to go from heavily compressed sub transients to longer sustained sub notes
- Selectable Mono/Stereo control
- Dry/Wet control for parallel mixing
- Zero latency for real-time mixing; SoundGrid-compatible
- Presets by Grammy-winning producers & mix engineers

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